At VG Energy we offer a range of tailored renewable energy technologies to suit your business needs. Our solutions enable you to reduce your utility bills, reduce your carbon footprint and generate an additional income stream.

Boiler Efficiency Check

When you invested in your biomass boiler, you probably had high hopes for the sort of returns you expected over at least 20 years. Are you achieving those returns? To find out, why not consult our free online Biomass Boiler Efficiency calculator?

VG Energy is the UK’s leading biomass installer. In 2015 we installed more biomass boilers than any other UK company and we now have more than 400 installations across the UK, from under 200 kW to multiple MW installs. We want to make sure that you get the best possible returns from your biomass boiler and the first step is to complete the VG Energy Efficiency Calculator. In just a few, simple steps you will get an accurate assessment of how your boiler stacks up against industry standards – and how much the difference is costing you. The amount of cash you are missing out on may surprise you.


Case Studies

We have case studies for each of our products and services. You can view them all here:
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Why VG Energy?

  • Longevity - Established in 2008
  • Highly skilled – Over 100 full time, experienced employees
  • Established - 3 UK offices, on call 24/7 servicing team
  • Innovative - Leaders in the field with innovative renewable technology
  • Experienced - Largest UK Installer of Biomass Heating Systems
  • Experienced - Unrivalled selection of wind turbines & solar PV
  • Quality – Only supply quality components built to last
  • Technical – In house, full time, Heating Engineers, Ofgem Accreditation administrators and Environmental Planners
  • Dedicated – Complete service and maintenance aftercare

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